Why is Farm Fresh Meals Unique?

For the first time ever, Adam Potash, Executive Chef and Health Coach brings to you a weight loss inspired, healthy meal delivery service. Truly farm to table, hand selected ingredients are combined to create health conscience and tasty menu options.

Choose between weekly or individual plans and Adam will be delighted to guide you on the proper selections to meet your goals. Never before has a multi-level health and meal program been available to the local community at an affordable price.

With over 17 years experience in the food and health industry, Adam has designed menus for everyones needs while using high quality organic meats, healthy grains, legumes, fruits, local vegetables, herbs and nuts just to name a few. These meals will leave you full, satisfied and most-importantly help you shred unwanted pounds or keep you at a healthy optimal weight.

Health Coaches are trained to guide you in making better food choices for vitality and optimum health. Adam Potash and Farm Fresh Meals decided to do the thinking for you and put it all together in one amazing service. Depending on the frequency of your meal package, each program may be scheduled with a personal Health Coaching consultation.

We believe that in todays busy society its become harder to get high quality food. Thats why we decided to bring the Farm Fresh Meals to you.

“Let’s Get Healthy”